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The Bottom-Up Energy Analysis System (BUENAS) is a tool that allows policymakers to evaluate the potential energy savings and emissions reductions resulting from different appliance energy efficiency standards and labeling (S&L) policies.

BUENAS projects the energy demands and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of various appliances and equipment through the year 2030. By taking into account the changes in energy consumption resulting from efficiency improvements to different products, BUENAS provides a comprehensive forecast of the energy savings and emissions reductions that would result from implementation of different appliance energy efficiency S&L policies and programs. BUENAS can model policy impacts nationally, regionally, and globally.

BUENAS helps policymakers:

  • Forecast the energy saved and emissions reduced by increasing the efficiency of specific equipment or appliances
  • Identify what policy goals are achievable based on the projected impacts of energy standards
  • Prioritize policy actions to maximize impact
  • Understand the economic potential of high-efficiency appliances

To learn more about how BUENAS can support development of appliance energy efficiency policies in your country, contact Michael McNeil at [email protected].

BUENAS was developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in collaboration with CLASP, the International Copper Association (ICA), and the US Department of Energy.


The SEAD Initiative uses BUENAS to assess the potential energy savings from past, current, and future appliance and equipment efficiency efforts in SEAD economies.