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Incentive programs encourage consumers to purchase energy-efficient products. Well-designed incentive programs help transform the market for high-efficiency products, and can be phased out over time as product sales increase and the costs of products decreases.

SEAD supports the creation and implementation of incentive programs for energy-efficient products through policy research and technical analysis, and by facilitating collaboration. To promote incentives, SEAD:

  • Develops tools that help policymakers improve existing incentives programs, and design and finance new ones
  • Researches the benefits of, and barriers to, effective incentive programs
  • Facilitates dialogue and the sharing of best practices among stakeholders


The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Energy Efficiency Revenue Analysis (LEERA) model is a tool that can help governments with electricity subsidies to design low- and no-cost incentive programs that promote the purchase of energy efficient appliances.


The SEAD Initiative supported the development of India’s Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP).