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European Union Product Database and Rescaled Labels

This year, the European Commission is enacting multiple efforts to improve compliance to appliance energy efficiency policies, facilitating the transition toward more efficient appliances.

At the start of 2019, the Commission launched the European Product Registry Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL). This database requires suppliers to register appliances that have an energy label before placing them on the European market. For now, the database is only accessible to suppliers – but, by the middle of 2019, a publicly searchable portal will be available to help consumers and support their purchasing decisions. The Commission is currently considering the PocketWatt tool as a potential user-friendly interface for searching the database.

In addition, the Commission is adopting new energy efficiency labels (for refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions and electronic displays, lighting, and commercial refrigeration). The new labels simplify the scale that helps consumers compare product efficiency levels. The A+, A++, and A+++ classes are being removed and the existing label classes rescaled, returning to the simpler A to G scale, where "A" is the most efficient. The labels are designed to last for approximately 10 years, and the top classes will be empty for the first few years, allowing for further improvements in efficiency. The labels will also contain QR codes, which consumers will be able to scan in-store with a smartphone to access additional information about appliances. The new label will start appearing in the market in 2021, and will be rolled-out across the covered product groups over the next several years. The Commission will launch an information campaign through the European Union to help consumers understand the changes and transition to the new labelling scale.

At the same time, minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for several product groups have also been strengthened (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, television and electronic displays, lighting, electric motors, and external power supplies). In addition, new MEPS will enter into force for commercial refrigeration, enterprise servers, and welding equipment.

More information about the EPREL EU Database and rescaled label available in the Commission’s 11 March 2019 press release.