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Residential Refrigerators

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A single household refrigerator consumes a considerable amount of energy, ranging from 100 to 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. As a mainstream product in many economies, more than 100 million household refrigerators are sold annually around the world.

Refrigerators are typically one of the first appliances that a government will regulate as part of an energy efficiency S&L program. Not only can refrigerators be found in almost all households around the world, they also have a 24-hour power cycle, which means they are consuming energy all the time.

A SEAD Initiative analysis found that increasing the efficiency of home refrigerators in SEAD economies and China could, by 2030, save 160 TWh per year. These savings would avoid the need for more than 50 medium-sized power plants and reduce annual CO2 emission by 110 million tons.


The SEAD Initiative conducts technical and policy research to support the development of ambitious energy efficiency policies and programs for residential refrigeration products.